• Chiara    Chiara Dragoni

         Hometown/Country: Lierna (LC), Italy



    What do you most enjoy sharing the most about your home?

        I live in Lierna, a small town of 2500 people. Lierna is situated on the shores of Lake Como considered one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, being surrounded by majestic mountains. I go to a language school in Lecco, a city located about 15 minutes from my hometown.
       What is the thing you think you will share the most about your experience in Manhattan, MT?
    The year I spent here was simply amazing. Montana is literally "The Last Best Place". The landscapes are gorgeous, the people are so nice and kind, and I loved going to school here. The year has definitely changed me. I tried new things which I've never thought I'd try in my life. Being Manhattan a small town and having been part of a lot of school activities, it wasn't hard for me to make friends and to know most of the people here by the end of my exchange year.
        What would you like to share with the students and people of Manhattan MT?
        You guys are awesome. As I said, everybody is so kind and supportive, people I didn't even know made me feel at home in a different country, becoming like a big family to me; and all of this in less than one year (pretty amazing!)
         I'd like to thank my host family, Mr Harvey, the teachers, the coaches and the school staff for giving me the chance to live this experience I'll never forget.