• JM


    Hometown/Country: São Paulo, Brazil


        What do you most enjoy sharing the most about your home?

        Most of the people ask me about my hometown waiting for some random place in South America, but I live in São Paulo, the economic capital of Brazil...it literally looks like new York City.

        What would you like to share with the students and people of Manhattan MT?
        When I got here I was scared by all the cowboy boots and trucks in the parking lot, but after awhile it was great.  What would I say about Montana?  Besides the landscape, the people were awesome.  You guys are the best part of my program. 
         What is the thing you think you will share the most about your experience in Manhattan, MT?
    Thank you for each one of you. The community accepted me so well that I am speechless. For the students the only thing I can say is Thank You All. For each smile in the hall, for all the fun moments, and for each one of you that made it awesome. Home is not a place, it is a feeling. Thank You for making me feel home. "Take me anywhere, a journey is better measured in friends, rather than miles" - Tim Cahill