• What to bring to class:
     –A pen or pencil. Every. Day. Seriously, no excuses…
    –Any other necessary materials/assignments… no backpacks or giant purses please.
    –Sweatshirt/jacket… my room is typically chilly.
    –Food and drinks are allowed as long as you clean up after yourself and keep it away from the sewing machines!
    –A positive attitude! I know there are rough days, I just ask that you try to maintain a good attitude and try your best.
    Absolutely not in my class:
    –No cell phone usage without permission!
    –No backpacks or oversized purses.
    –No cutting anything other than fabric with the sheers… they are expensive and I will be less than impressed with you if you do. The sheers are all silver and large and usually in a case. The scissors to use have colorful handles and are located on the student desk.
    –No sitting on tables or kicking your feet up… we eat on these tables and butts and feet do not belong there!
    –No throwing things in here! Not at friends, not in the trash, just no!
    –Keep all fours on the floor! Do not lean back in your chair, its dangerous and there’s no reason to have half your chair off the ground.
    –No playing around with any of the equipment – it’s more expensive than you think! You break it, you buy it!


    ** It may seem like a lot of rules… but they are here to keep you safe and to give everyone the best chance at having a pleasant class experience!