• Manhattan Schools Website Accessibility Training 101
    As required by board policy and the Office of Civil Rights (OCR), Manhattan School's Web Accessibility Training 101 is now available for all teachers and staff who need website editing rights.  The steps below have been designed to take about 2 hours, including an hour of that time spent watching a video discussing web accessibility.  You will receive 2 hours of re-certification credit for completing this process. You should find the steps concise yet complete, so the hope is that everything you need to complete the process is included here.  Certainly, let the website coordinator know if you have any questions.
    Here are the details for the training:
    1. Manhattan Schools Web Accessibility Training  is a Google Form that will be the official training document.    Your submission of the form, with appropriate answers, will verify your completion of the training.  
    2. You need to verify that you have read the Board Policy - 4350
    3. You need to verify that you have read the Plan for New Content
    4. Watch the video - Website Accessibility 101, which is a training video created by Blackboard. 
    5. Read the Blackboard article Inclusive Classrooms: A Strategy and Framework 
    6. There are then a few questions from the Video and the Reading to respond to before you get to the Submit button.
    7. Let me know if you have any questions.  
    Other comments:
    1. Nobody will have editing rights until the training has been completed.  After completing the training, editing rights will be setup for appropriate pages.  
    2. At this time there is NO requirement that everyone must complete the training, but watching the video and completing the process is worthwhile as website accessibility is an important topic, as more and more content is delivered electronically.  
    3. Even without the training, your website material will still be active and can be changed.  Changes will just have to go through the website coordinator.   
    4. The re-certification credits will be available as soon as completion.  
    5. This information is also on the website under the District Channel.  Everyone will always have their login available but they will not be editors without the training.
    6. Blackboard through their app, Web Community Manager, is working hard to get all the components of their interface up to current Web 2.0 standards. 
    7. We switched to a new template in the Spring of 2020, which has addressed the accessibility issues from our previous template.  
    8. This training is called session 101 to open the possibility of more training, where more time would be spent on the WAVE app and the PAVE app, which looks at making PDF files accessible.