In my opinion, what really matters as an educator is that you give your time and your heart to your kids.  We need to be willing to listen and value their opinions, provide opportunities for them in their search for knowledge and support them in their daily challenges.  One of my favorite anonymous quotes states, "Kids don't care what you know until they know that you care."

    I have been teaching and coaching in Manhattan for 41 years.The past 17 years I have been the Activities Director for the district. I have been married to my wife Teresa for 38 years.  We have 3 cats and one special dog Jake.  I enjoy teaching in Manhattan because of the community values that place emphasis on honesty, integrity, and hard work.  I firmly believe that being  part of the Manhattan school district and the community of Manhattan are two very special blessings.  I respect and appreciate the efforts and loyalty of the Manhattan  School Board and Administrators and thank them for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this special place. I feel very fortunate every morning when I get to come and work for the Manhattan Schools.  Our school and community are wonderful. Thank you to every individual who helped with making the dream of a new gym and classrooms a reality!  I am thankful for our community and school and extremely happy for the kids, teachers and staff that will enjoy our new facilities for many years to come.  We are heading into very exciting times for Manhattan Schools and our wonderful community.  The new building and remodeling projects along with adding two new sports and staff has really energized our school system and staff.  I am looking forward to our future both as a teacher, coach and Activities Administrator.  I have been asked multiple times if I have thought about retirement...............my answer is; and miss this special community, school, staff and administration and the kids and people I am privileged to work with and beside every single school day? I'm all in!