• Reading:

    ·         All students will work with weekly stories from the fourth grade reading book, as well as smaller readers that are matched with the students’ individual reading levels.  In addition, we will also have novel studies that enhance our current reading theme.

    ·         In general, reading tests will follow the completion of a reading story and its accompanying skills, approximately every 7 or 8 school days.

    ·         Accelerated Reader (AR) program:  Your child will read books at his/her reading level and then take tests on the computer.  Each child will have his/her point goal which will be assigned next week.  Because nonfiction reading is extremely important, at least one point of every AR goal must be earned from nonfiction books.  The nonfiction requirement will be increased throughout the school year.

    ·         Your child should read a minimum of 20 minutes at home on most evenings.  Most weeks, there will also be a nightly oral reading for one minute.  More information will follow.



    ·         Addition and subtraction facts will be reviewed, but students are expected to come to fourth grade knowing these facts.  We will spend the majority of our time with multiplication and division facts and skills.

    ·         Rocket Math is a daily practice and timed test over math facts at your child’s level.  We will begin with addition and proceed through subtraction, multiplication, and division.  Each child will progress at his/her own rate and will receive a math grade based on meeting certain benchmarks that are set every few weeks.

    ·         Mastery of basic multiplication facts is extremely important!  Harder multiplication and division problems will be much easier if the children already know their facts.  It’s helpful to purchase an inexpensive flash card set or make your own on index cards.  There are also fun online math websites for additional practice.

    ·         Math tests will be announced in advance, and a review test will be given before so children will know what skills should be practiced.

    ·         Your child may have math homework in the evenings.  The homework should be a short assignment which was started at school but not completed OR a review of a previously learned skill.  If the math homework is taking longer than 30 minutes, please contact the teacher.

    ·         Mrs. Nehring and Mrs. Cantalupo will both be teaching math, and the students will be assigned a teacher who may not necessarily be their homeroom teacher.


    ·         We will review two cursive letters each week.

    ·         By the second semester, children will be required to write cursive on all assignments unless specified by the teacher.


    ·         We will begin with a unit called Magnetism and Electricity.  We will investigate permanent magnets, build electric circuits, and explore electromagnetism.  Ask them about their investigations; they will be excited to share what they know!

    ·         The rest of the year will include units on water, structures of life, and measurement.

    ·         If you have any experience or knowledge in one of these areas and would be willing to help with one of these units, please contact Mrs. Nehring.

    ·         Mrs. Nehring will be the fourth grade science teacher.

    Social Studies

    ·         Social studies will begin with a unit on immigration and how the United States is a melting pot. 

    ·         Fourth graders spend the majority of the year studying the different regions of the United States.

    ·         Most weeks, the students will be assigned geography questions that are to be answered in complete sentences.  They will be assigned on Monday or Tuesday and due on Friday.

    ·         Mrs. Cantalupo will be the fourth grade social studies teacher.


    ·         On Mondays, words patterns will be discussed and spelling lists will come home.  Pre-tests will be given on Tuesdays.  Final tests will be on Fridays.  If the child receives a 100% on Tuesday, he/she does not need to take the Friday test.

    ·         Challenge words are part of the regular list.

    ·         There are often bonus words for extra credit.  These words will often come from the reading vocabulary words.

    ·         The first spelling test will be on Friday, September 16. 

    Special subjects

    ·         Music – Fourth graders learn to play the recorder.  You will be asked to purchase a recorder for your child.  There are a small number available to be borrowed from the school.  The music teacher Ms. Becky Frank will send home more information.

    ·         P.E. -  Clean P.E. shoes should be kept in their lockers at all times.

    ·         Library – Library books are due on Fridays.

    ·         Computer – Mr. Whitney gives the children assignments that must be completed to earn a good grade.  If your child misses school on a computer day, he or she MUST check with Mr. Whitney to see what was missed and may have to come in early or stay after school to complete that computer work.

    ·         Second Step – The school counselor Mrs. Woolbaugh uses the Second Step curriculum to teach friendship and problem-solving skills. If you would like to learn more about the curriculum, please contact her.