• Manhattan Public Schools

    District Policies

    District policies are a collection of documents that define aspects of the governance of Manhattan Public Schools.  Each policy has been reviewed by the Board of Trustees and subsequently adopted.   From time to time policies are reviewed to ensure compliance with laws and to ensure they meet the needs of the District.  Official documents are stored in the District Office. 

    Montana School Board Association maintains an up-to-date file of our policies and they can be found using the following links:
    Manhattan District Policies in ISSUU format, which is a digital format with forward and backward arrows and other helpful navigation tools.
    Manhattan District Policies in PDF format for downloading if a permanant copy is wanted.
    You may also contact the Website Coordinator at dheisler@mhstigers.org to obtain a copy of this large PDF file in a PDF accessible format or contact the district office at (406) 284-6460 for more information.  
    The information below will help you search for specific items. 
    • 1000 - The Board of Trustees
    • 2000 - Instruction
    • 3000 - Students
    • 4000 - Community Relations
    • 5000 - Personnel
    • 6000 - Administration
    • 7000 - Financial Management
    • 8000 - Non-Instructional Operations