• Manhattan High School Driver Education
    Instructor:  Ms. Mikal Jones  (406) 284-3341  mjones@mhstigers.org
    Find general details of the Manhattan Driver Education course below and contact the instructor for complete details. Link to  Montana OPI Traffic Education Resouces.
    SUMMER 2024 Driver Education Interest Form: Please complete and submit the following form as a preliminary sign-up for the summer 2024 driver's education course.  The course is tentatively scheduled for May 28-June 29 with a registration deadline of April 15th.    
    FALL and SPRING Course Options and Details:
    • Fall & Spring courses will be available to students as part of our regular High School class schedule. Students will register for class during the regular registration process with Mr. Render. Enrollment in Manhattan Schools is required to participate in these classes.
    • A summer course will be offered and is tentatively scheduled to be held from May 28th - June 30th. An application form will be made available on the website for students to request participation in the summer course. 

    • Teens under the age of 19 can enroll in a state-approved driver education course if they are 14.5 years of age before the course completion date.
    • Attendance in class is mandatory! Students in the fall and spring Driver Education courses may not be absent for more than 4 classes total over the course of the semester. Summer session students may not miss a single class.  
    • The student must be able to schedule a minimum of twelve hours for driving and in-car observation (Six 2 to 3 hour time blocks). These hours are in addition to the class time and are scheduled to be completed by the end of the course. Completion of all six drive times is required to pass the course and obtain your learner’s license.

    Class Schedule
    • Class schedules will be provided at the required parent meetings prior to the beginning of class.

    Drive Schedule
    • The students will be responsible for signing up for their drive times during class. 
    Students who have difficulty with reading or have special learning needs should realize that extra help will not be available during the summer session.
    Fall and Spring class sizes may not exceed 21 students. The summer class may not exceed 24 students. In case of excess requests, priority will be given to the in-district students and the older students who live in our school district. The Driver Education instructor will notify parents that their child has been selected prior to the mandatory parent meeting.
    • Spring & Fall courses: $200
    • Summer course: $350

    *There will be a mandatory parents' meeting prior to each class session.  Please bring your child’s Certified Birth Certificate and Social Security Card to this meeting.  Thank you for supporting your child as they grow into responsible drivers.