• Manhattan Bus Service Sign-Up



    Please use the Manhattan Bus Service Sign-Up form to indicate you would like to be considered for bus route services for your student(s).  Signing up for bus service does not guarantee service. An email confirmation will be sent prior to the start of school.  All students, whether they rode last year or not, will need to register this year and all following years.

    The District transportation guidelines provide transportation to and from school for a student who:
    1. Resides three (3) or more miles, over the shortest practical route, from the nearest operating public elementary or public high school.
    2. Is a student with a disability, whose IEP identifies transportation as a related service; or
    3. Has another compelling and legally sufficient reason to receive transportation services.

    Manhattan Bus Service Sign-Up Form

    Bus transportation is provided by Harlow's Bus Service.
    Office Number : 406-284-4055