• Dear Manhattan High School staff, students, parents and guardians, 

    It is with great excitement that I welcome you to the 2022-2023 school year. I look forward to serving you and the great community of Manhattan as we move towards a new year full of opportunities.

    Our high school staff has been diligently working to prepare for the year and are eager to welcome students back. Manhattan’s custodial and kitchen staff have spent countless hours ensuring our grounds and facilities are safe, welcoming, and ready to go. Please be sure that if you run into any of these individuals, you thank them for all the time and effort they continually dedicate to making our schools run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. It is with the commitment and support of all of our stakeholders that we are able maintain such an exemplary school system. 

    The 2022-2023 school year is also bringing about a lot of new changes. We have new staff, students, coaches, classes, schedules, handbook updates, and more. Although the words ‘change’ and ‘new’ can be ones that are both exciting and nerve-racking, I challenge each and every one of you to embrace them and move forward knowing that Manhattan High School will rise up and find success. By supporting one another and investing in our school, we will show our true pride as Manhattan Tigers. 

    Once student handbooks are shared, please take the time to read through them as many important updates have been made throughout. These updates were made by a committee that came together over the summer to collaborate and bring in ideas from students, teachers, parents, and community members to ensure our policies meet the needs of our students. This task was tedious, yet I am confident that many positives will be found from the work that was put in.  

    Just a few more reminders – Here at Manhattan Public Schools we believe in a cooperative effort for achieving excellence in all things; the value of individuals and diversity; accountability and integrity; and a safe and welcoming environment.  Our mission is to “Enter Here to Learn. Go forth to Serve.” We value respect, integrity, community, work ethic, and citizenship. 

    We hope to see you at the open house on Tuesday the 23rd from 3:00-5:00 PM. Be sure to check out the talented work of our seniors in the parking lot when you get to the school! 

    Should you wish for more information or have any questions, please reach out to the school, follow our new district Facebook page (Manhattan School District #3), or visit our district website at rollontigers.org. 

    Here’s to an exceptional year ahead! Go Tigers! 

    Miranda Howells
    High School Principal
    Manhattan Public Schools