Non-Resident Enrollment has CLOSED for the 2024-2025 school year.

    Open Enrollment, House Bill 203, takes effect in July of 2024. Please Note: Out-of-district enrollment is not guaranteed.
    Application Process:
    • All nonresident students, K-12, must submit an application to be considered for an enrollment agreement with Manhattan School District #3 for the succeeding school year by February 16.
    • Steps to submit an application are as follows:
      1. Complete a Nonresident Enrollment Request Form.
      2. Complete an FP-14.1 Form (March 2024) from the Office of Public Instruction.  Parents/Guardians should complete Section 1 of the form only.  
      3. Provide attendance and behavior records for the last three years. These must be official records from the current or previous school(s).
    - Current Manhattan students requesting attendance and behavior records must complete a  Manhattan School District Transcript/Records Request.
    NOTE: The completed FP-14.1 Form (March 2024) as well as behavior and attendance records must be submitted to the Manhattan School District registrar.
    • Incomplete applications will not be considered. 
    • Upon receipt of a complete application, the District has 10 days to notify the parent or guardian of the child and district of residence involved in the out-of-district enrollment agreement of the anticipated date for approval or disapproval of the agreement. 
    Additional Information:
    • Each application will be assigned a random and confidential non-identifying number to keep the student's name private. 
    • Not more than 30 days following the application deadline, the Superintendent will submit a list of applications to the Board of Trustees with recommendations.
    • Families who have complete applications will be notified the Friday prior to the Board Meeting via email notifying them of the recommendation for approval/disapproval of their child's application. Families of applicants who are recommended for waitlist or disapproval may choose to discuss their child's application in a closed executive session of the board.
    • Nonresident students enrolled in the Manhattan School District must complete an application for an enrollment agreement each school year for the succeeding year. 
    • Acceptance is not guaranteed and decisions will be made in accordance with Policy 3141, Section 20-5-320, MCA, and the District Strategic Plan
    • The family of a nonresident child whose application for enrollment has been approved is responsible for transportation of the child and the child is not an eligible transportee as defined in Section 20-10-101, MCA.
    For questions, or to submit the required documents for non-resident enrollment agreement applications, please contact Lisa Grevious at lgrevious@mhstigers.org.