• Manhattan School District Comprehensive Needs Assessment Survey 
         Welcome to the Manhattan School District's Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA) Survey! As mandated by the 2024 Montana School Accreditation requirements, we are conducting this survey to gain valuable insights from various stakeholders. The survey will be available until February 15th. 
         The CNA survey is a crucial step in identifying and understanding the educational challenges within our district. It allows us to bridge the gap between our current state and our desired educational outcomes. By actively involving stakeholders like you, including school board members, administrators, teachers, support staff, parents/guardians, students, and business partners, we aim to gather diverse perspectives for a holistic understanding of our district's needs.
         Your participation in this survey is instrumental in shaping the future of education in our district. The length of the survey varies based on your role, ensuring that we respect your time while gathering comprehensive feedback.
         Thank you for your valuable contribution to enhancing the effectiveness of educational investments and ultimately improving student outcomes. Together, we can make a difference!