• Ana Carolina Alves Fernandes (Carol)

        What have you most enjoyed sharing about your home and what are you most anxious to experience when you return to Brazil?

    I love to talk about my city, São Paulo, how big it is and how many things you can do there.  I'm really anxious to eat pastel!  Pastel is a deep-fried dough that you fill with cheese, ham, chicken, pretty much anything.

        What do you think you will share most about your experience in Manhattan, MT?
      The beautiful view and the nature. 
    I was around so many people I didn't know and pretty much on my own.  This year helped me grow more as a person and gave me more maturity.



            I would like to say thank you to students and people of Manhattan for being so nice to me this year!
        If you have the opportunity to travel, go and see how big and amazing the world is!