• Anh Quang Bui

        What have you most enjoyed sharing about your home and what are you most anxious to experience when you return to Vietnam?

    My home city is the capital of Vietnam, which is a big city with tall buildings, and so it is so much different here. The school there is different, too. Instead of about 200 students like MHS, we have about over 2500 students in a school. Students there have to take 12 classes not 7 classes like MHS. The traffic is the most different thing between here and there. People can't go over 30 mph in Hanoi but in Montana, it is 75!!

        What do you think you will share most about your experience in Manhattan, MT?
    In MHS, I played American sports like Football, Track and Field. During the school year, I also had chance to ride horses, and went snowboarding. They were so hard but also so much fun!!


    Anh Quang Bui
         My year in Manhattan was one of the best years of my life. Living in a small town was so cool where everybody seems very close together. I would never forget the memories, friends, and my American family that I have here!