•  Behavior Expectations

     I wish to insure all of my students the proper teaching and learning environment, both for academic and social growth.  For this reason, students will have certain expectations for their behavior and be encouraged to think responsibly.  These expectations are:

    1.    Be respectful of others and their property.

    2.    Work in a way that does not interfere with the right of others to learn.

    3.    Follow school and classroom rules and procedures.

     For this reason, all students must follow directions, follow classroom procedures, and classroom rules. Students will keep track of their behavior using Class Dojo, a digital classroom management system. Each day, students have the opportunity to earn positive & negative points based on their behavior. Students can earn dojo points for active participation, being on task, working hard, helping others, and teamwork. Students can earn prizes for the dojo points they earn.

     Student Learning

     I believe teaching and learning is all about positive student engagement. My goal is to increase academics, build peer/class relationships, enhance self-esteem, and develop social skills using engaging cooperative learning structures. New concepts and learning objectives are introduced at the beginning of a new wee and are generally taught for one to two weeks. Students will be given multiple opportunities to practice and master new concepts before being assessed. All grades will be posted in the STI grade book. Grades will be updated weekly in the STI program.  


    Grading Policy
    I will be using the adopted primary grading policy of the district, using the E, S, I, N scale. When I input the grades into STI, I will be using only raw scores. This way you can see exactly how many questions were correct, missed and how many questions there were total.

     E = Exceeding the standard(s) and grade-level expectations; shows deep understanding.

     S = Meeting the standard(s) and grade-level expectations; shows consistent understanding.

     I = Approaching the standard(s) and making progress towards meeting grade-level expectations; shows inconsistent understanding.

     N = Falling below the standard(s) and does not meet grade-level expectations; having considerable difficulty. 

    Classwork / Homework
    Classwork is intended to be completed at school during work periods.  The purpose of completing these assignments is to practice the skills needed to help them master the second grade standards. Time will be given to complete class assignments in class. Please take time to go over all the work with your child that is returned, praising the accomplishments and giving encouragement in any areas of weakness.
    This year I will be sending home a weekly homework packet. I understand that many students are busy with extracurricular activities and I believe it is important for students to focus on those activities too. I will send home the weekly spelling list and a weekly reading log. Developing good reading habits is important in second grade and I encourage each student to read outside of school for at least 60 minutes a week. 

    Water Bottles & Snacks

    Students may bring water bottles as long as they have lids or spouts that remain on at all times to avoid major spills.  Water is the only liquid permitted to be in the water bottles.  Please put the student’s name on the bottle.  Students may also bring a snack to eat during recess. 

    School Supplies

    On the school website, you will find the elementary school supply list. I thank you for taking the time to purchase these items for your child. We also do a lot of moving around and working from different areas of the classroom. During independent work times, our class uses flexible seating. Instead of sitting in traditional desks all day, you will see a wide variety of seating options, including standing counters, comfy chairs, stools, lap desks, and more. So it is useful to have a clipboard, however not necessary.



    Birthdays are an important day for a child. If you would like, your child may bring in a birthday treat to share with his/her classmates. Please make sure that the treat is pre-cut and ready to serve and does not need to be refrigerated or frozen. Birthdays will be celebrated at the end of the day from 3:10 – 3:15. Treats can be sent with the student or dropped off during the day (make sure to check-in with the office first). We do have a student with a peanut allergy, so treats must be peanut free and tree nut free.  I ask that invitations for personal birthday parties not be handed out in the classroom, unless every child is getting one. If your child has a summer birthday, but still wants to celebrate it in the classroom please let me know. In the past, students with summer birthdays have celebrated half birthdays or have chosen a day in May or June to honor their birthday. 


    Communication Folder
    Students will use one of their folders to transport important papers to and from  school. Students will need to have their folders everyday.