• Kaja Slåtsve ØvrelidKaja

    Hometown/Country: Trodheim, Norway




        What do you think you will share most about your experience in Manhattan, MT?

        About the country culture, the beautiful nature and the people. My friends still laugh every time I tell them about the country music, the cowboy hats and boots, and the rodeos. Also, I’ll tell them how this year has given me a new perspective on life and more maturity. Stepping out of your comfort zone really makes you grow as a person!

        What one thng do you most notice as different in your culture?
        One of the biggest differences might be that in Norway none of my friends drives. The minimum age for driving is 18 so we all just walk or take the bus! The first days felt weird, it was like getting rides from kids. In addition, in school, we only have three classes every day, and the school system is not nearly as strict as here! 


         What would you like to share with the students and people of Manhattan, MT?
    Living in small town has been different from my life home in Norway, but I loved it. I love how everyone knows each other and how close everyone seems to be. Traveling is the best education, and I would recommend everyone to go experience this beautiful world. I will never forget this year, the amazing family I stayed with, and the friends I made!