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    Posted by Lydia Elgas on 8/29/2016

    Junior High Language Arts

    Mrs. Elgas





    Return the attached SIGNATURE SHEET by Friday

    Please KEEP this sheet for your information!


    What is Language Arts?

    We’ll be reading and analyzing literature with the eyes of both readers AND authors – poetry, short stories, plays, non-fiction articles, essays, and novels.  We will also write, present, and publish our own original works.  To become better writers we will be working at increasing our vocabulary and grammatical skills.  Students will be expected to read something they select and then complete quarterly projects on what they’ve read.  While we cover each of these areas throughout the year, we will also be learning critical thinking skills, independence, organization, problem solving, and accountability. 



              Come To Class PREPARED

    EVERY day you must bring to class

    • Binder
    • Pencil
    • Assignments
    • Agenda
    • Personal Reading Book


    RESPECT Yourself and Others

    This means that you treat others with respect and take the time to listen to their contributions to class even if you don’t share their opinion.


              Give Your BEST Effort

    You only grow when you s t r e t c h yourself.  You WILL complete all assignments-either on time for credit or during your lunch break for no credit.


    We have an amazing school because our students use common sense and courtesy.  Everyone makes mistakes, and when you do the possible consequences will be a verbal reminder, an after-class meeting, a lunch time clean-up in my room, contact with your parents, or a visit with Mr. Schumacher.


    Parents shouldn’t be concerned if they receive an email or phone call from me giving students “Kudos” for something.  I also try to “Catch” students doing the right thing and rewarding them with certificates for privileges like moving to the front of the lunch line, picking their seat for the day, or having music in class.




              Your grade comes from your grades in three weighted categories-

                       Daily Assignments/Quizzes        35%

                       Participation/Organization          20%

                       Tests & Projects                         45%


    Late Work:

    I do NOT accept late assignments and although students will be required to complete them, they will not get credit for them.  However, because everyone has a bad day, students receive one FREE LATE per quarter that allows them to have an extra day to finish an assignment/project with no questions asked.  If a student has four FREE LATES at the end of the year they will be rewarded with a Dairy Queen gift certificate (or something comparable IF needed). Students will be given opportunities to earn additional Free Lates throughout the year.


    Makeup Work:

    Students are responsible for their OWN makeup work.  If you know you will be absent – even for a school activity - get your work ahead of time.  When students are absent they need to check the Makeup Binder for missed assignments which are due “# of days absent + 1” according to school policy. (Feel free to call the office if you’d like to pick up your makeup work.) I value our class time and ask that students try to keep their absences to a minimum – scheduling appointments at different times or during our advisory period helps to spread out class time that is missed!



    Parent/Teacher/Student Contact:

    Students WILL have some homework (or an opportunity to practice what we are learning during class time, NOT busy work) in my class.  I post assignments and due dates in my class EVERY Monday, and we will be working on using their Agendas to track their assignments. That schedule is also posted on the school website (rollontigers.org,  click on the “Staff” pull down tab, and then click on my name “Lydia Elgas” and follow the links on the left to the Weekly Assignments, Vocabulary Practice, etc.). 


    Infinite Campus will also be a good way to track student grades and assignments.  Additional information on how to use this program will be sent home by the school OR I will send out information shortly!


    I am also going to use Google Classroom this year, so students can access/edit their writing assignments from anywhere!  We will also be using Membean.com and No Red Ink – websites designed to help students with vocabulary and grammar – please check out the sites and see what they are up to!



    I will be utilizing the Infinite Campus program that our district switched to for much of my communication with parents.  The demographic information you filled out for the school last spring or over the summer is what the system will use.  IF you need to make updates, you can do it on your Infinite Campus account, or contact our office! 

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