High School Standard Review 5 Year Cycle  -- posted June, 2017
    The Manhattan Curriculum is developed by teachers and administrators.  In the content areas, district staff take the Montana State Standards, break them down, and “Manhattanize” them into teachable district learning targets.  Please see the school board adopted curriculum/textbook adoption chart for specific subject areas and the timeline in which they will be reviewed and adopted.  Once adopted, these learning targets will drive our instruction and selection of core and supplemental resources, such as textbooks.  The learning targets are made into checklists where teachers will indicate their class instructional progress (introduction, practice, or mastery of the learning targets) over the school year and share it with the grade level teacher above them or pertinent department.  The Manhattan curriculum is reviewed and revised by teachers and administrators, and adopted by the Manhattan School Board every 5 years as to ensure it is current and meaningful.


    The textbook adoption process is also driven by Manhattan teachers and administrators.  Textbooks are reviewed every 5 years in the Elementary/Junior High and every 7 years in the High School so they are up-to-date and relevant.  The textbook selection process is as follows:
    1. Textbook samples are ordered and dispersed to teacher
    2. Textbook company representatives present an overview of their product to teachers and administrators
    3. Textbook Evaluation Tool (TET) is completed by teachers on each textbook sample
    4. A textbook alignment check is completed to ensure the textbooks selected are aligned to Manhattan Curriculum/Learning Targets

    If you have questions regarding Manhattan curriculum or textbook adoption, please contact Superintendent, Brian Ayers at bayers@mhstigers.org, or (406) 284-6460.

    Curriculum Adoptions:

    K-12 Health and Physical Education (Board Approved 12/2014)

    K-12 Technology (Board Approved 12/2014)

    K-12 Mathematics (Board Approved 11/2014)

    K-12 Science (Board Approved 12/2014)

    9-12 Business (Board Approved 4/14/2015)