• Hello, My name is Raymond DeBruycker. 2016-2017 is my first year at Manhattan Schools. I am a 2008 graduate from Choteau High School on Choteau, MT. I attended the University of Montana in Missoula, MT from the fall of 2008 to spring 2012. I graduated with a degree in elementary education with an emphasis in math. I taught 8th grade math for four years at Meadow Hill Middle School in Missoula. My wife and I moved to the area in June for her job. I am excited to be here and part of the school and community. I am currently teaching 7th and 8th grade math along with being an assistant high school football coach. 
    My classroom is set up different than most classrooms that parents and students are use to. I have adopted a standards-based grading (SBG) scale. This is a master learning scale aimed at better representing what each student has learned. Traditional grading scales can be skewed by what a teacher assigns and how they assign points. SBG looks only at how a student compares to the standards that are being taught. It is a 4 level scale. This is an important piece. It is a level not a point scale and students can try to improve their level with continued practice and retesting.
    4- student shows mastery of the standard. Student knows the content so well that they can teach someone else.
    3- student is able to apply standards with proficiency but still makes mistakes at times. These students are able to answer questions but are not comfortable explaining what they are doing to someone else.
    2- Student is working towards proficiency. This student is a student who needs assisstant with questions and guided through the work. This students is starting to grasp the concept but needs more practice.
    1- Student is unaware of what the standard is or what they are being asked to do. This student does not know where to start and can not problem solve on their own.
    The only thing that counts towards students grades are assessment. This is a concern for some parents but students are allowed to retake any test if they are willing to do extra practice and continue to work on the skill. No grade is ever set in stone. I want to encourage students to continue to try practice and get better at all skills. If they are willing to continue to work and improve their skills they are able to improve their assessment score.