• Tiger Tracks

    In addition to being an institution of learning our school is a gathering place for the community. This is especially true during the holiday season. People come from miles around to watch children perform at Christmas concerts, extra-curricular activities, and athletic events. When we open our doors and invite people into our house we have the opportunity to share the best parts of our world. We have an excellent school system, exceptional staff, and a top shelf student body. Increasing the public’s awareness of the great things happening in our schools is one of our high school’s goals. When given the opportunity, I encourage everyone to shed a positive light on a colleague, program, or our school. Let people know about the things going on in our classrooms whether it is reading To Kill a Mockingbird, discussing the reconstruction era, learning to solve complex equations, drawing floor plans, or throwing a pot. We all have a lot to be proud of in Manhattan. Our facility is remarkable, but our people are even better!


    • Tip Off Tournament, the tournament is scheduled for this Friday, Dec. 7th and Saturday, Dec. 8th. We will be hosting 8 teams and utilizing both the old main and the varsity gym. Competition begins on Friday at 1:30, school will be in session; schools will be adhering to regular schedules.
    • Shakespeare in the Schools will be performing Julius Caesar on Friday, December 14.
    • Christmas Concerts, High School Dec. 17th, Junior High Dec. 18th, and Elementary Dec. 19th.
    • Manhattan Wrestling Invitational, Dec. 20th in the Varsity Gym.
    • Christmas Break, December 24th – January 2nd

    SCHOOL SAFETY: For some this is the greatest time of year, full of laughter, joy, family, and friends. For others the holiday season represents some of the toughest emotional times of the year. Every day, together, our staff sets the tone and leads the environment in our classrooms, halls, and school. Often times teachers are the most dependable, solid role models in a child's life and school is their safe place. If you notice a significant change in behavior and suspect a student is struggling emotionally refer them to our school counselor.

    Subtle Reminders:

    • Active Presence –. Get in your steps, being active both in our classrooms and in our hallways is a great way to build relationships with kids and support a positive school environment.
    • Infinite Campus – Please remember to take attendance each period, stay current on grading.
    • Lunch- Ensure you are holding your students until the bell rings for 4th period. Our lunch schedule is tight and seconds matter. Do not release kids early for lunch.
    • UPCOMING EVENTS: Staff meeting, Tuesday December 11th at 8:00 A.M. in Mrs. Bolich’s room.
    • TEACHER ACTION COMMITTEE MEETING: Wednesday at lunch in the conference room.

    Quote of the Week:
    “We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses”
    -Abraham Lincoln- December 04, 2018 Issue: 06 MANHATTAN HIGH SCHOOL