• Happy August!
    Tiger Paw
    My name is Eric Fisher and I am your new 5-8 Principal. I have had a fun summer getting to know Manhattan School, and I am ready for the students to come fill the halls and classrooms with their energy, excitement, and knowledge.

    For the past 10 years, I have taught P.E at Hawthorne Elementary and coached elementary sports, high school football, and high school track at Bozeman High, which I served as head coach for 3 years. I am excited to share my knowledge and experience with the Manhattan school community and to learn more from all of the great teachers and students of Manhattan.

    My focus going into the new school year is to encourage all students and staff to “ Be a Part of Something Greater Than Ourselves". This means we are all part of a great puzzle and if we all do our part and contribute to more than just our own pursuits, we will have a successful year. I will strive to build positive relationships with staff, students, and families as soon as we can.

    Relationships are the very first building block in a successful educational experience. I look forward to meeting all of you. Please stop by when you can and say hello!

    I am looking forward to this school year with great anticipation and excitement, and I hope you are too! I’m thankful for the opportunity to serve as your principal and I welcome your support in making this a successful school year!Eric Fisher


    Eric Fisher
    Manhattan 5-8 Principal