• Eric Fisher


    Eric Fisher
    Manhattan 5-8 Principal
    Dear Students and Parents:
    Welcome to Manhattan 5-8 School! We are excited to welcome all of the Manhattan Tigers back for a great 2022-23 school year!  The Manhattan 5-8 school theme is to “Be A T.I.G.E.R.”, with each letter standing for a different trait of what it means to be a Manhattan Tiger. Our returning students know these traits well and we look forward to our new students demonstrating these strong qualities, too. 

    Our Tiger family students, teachers, parents and family, and community members shows great TEAMWORK, demonstrating unity and support for one another to help us all achieve great things together. Whether you are brand new to Manhattan School or have been a Tiger all your life, you are an important member of the Tiger Team!

    To have integrity is to act in ways that reflect the core values and beliefs we claim to hold. These core values and beliefs are the lining of all that we do, and we will do it with INTEGRITY. We will be honest, we will do the right thing, and we will hold ourselves and our colleagues in a positive light.

    No accomplishment happens in solitude. Our accomplishments come with support from others, and as Tigers, we show GRATITUDE for that support and for the opportunities we have to learn, to interact with friends and family, and to move forward with positivity and a focus for what we can achieve as Tigers.

    As Tigers, we can all ENCOURAGE those around us to pursue their own greatness and to be positive citizens. Kind words of encouragement and small acts of support will play a big part in the success of others. Encouraging those around us to be successful breeds success in ourselves.

    Regardless of the traits of the Tiger next to us in class or across the hall, we need to have RESPECT for them. Positive citizens of a school community respect all other students, teachers, staff, parents and family members. Respect must be earned and reciprocated in order to form positive relationships, and positive relationships lead to a successful school community.
    Through the 5 traits of “Be A T.I.G.E.R”, I am confident that we can all have a successful school year as Manhattan Tigers. We are Manhattan, we are all Tigers and we are all here together. Let’s make it a great school year in 2022-23!


    Eric Fisher