• Eric Fisher


    Eric Fisher
    Manhattan 5-8 Principal

    Happy 4th Quarter! I hope the spring season is off to a fun and enjoyable start for you and your family! The final quarter of the school year is always a busy and fun-filled time.  Spring activities, more time outdoors, and end-of-year events start to fill our schedules. As we fill our schedules to the brim, I encourage you all to take time to express Gratitude, one of our Tiger Traits, to those around you. We have so many positive influences around us and so many wonderful things to be grateful for. Express your gratitude and reach out to those that help you succeed in school and in life. I am very grateful for all of the Manhattan School community. Students, teachers, staff, parents, and the entire community of Manhattan support our schools and I thank you for that!

    Power of Positivity: As teachers, we love to hear from parents about the positive things their children tell them. If a student tells their parents about how much fun they had with a project or in a teacher's classroom, I encourage you to reach out and share that positive feedback with teachers! In an effort to tell more stories of the great things happening in our school, this monthly newsletter will be sent out to parents and available on our school website.

    GO TIGERS! - Mr. Fisher