• kidsLINK Welcome to kidsLINK Tigers After School!

    Manhattan Public Schools (MPS) and Greater Gallatin United Way kidsLINK (GGUW) have partnered to offer Tigers After School kidsLINK. Our after school program is here to keep students safe and engaged in fun filled activities while allowing families to complete their workday. It also gives families flexibility to run to the doctor or dentist in the afternoon without worrying about what to do with their school age kids. Register now to attend!
    ★ This program is available to all students enrolled in grades K-4+ here at MPS.
    ★ We follow the same school policies and procedures outlined in the school handbook, with some modification, as this will be after school hours. There will be no school nurse available after school for medications. We will have access to the nurses cabinet in an emergency, but only in an emergency.
    ★ We will be in the elementary school and use the elementary school playground. Outside elementary door #14 will be the main pick up location. Please call 595-6644 when you are on-site and walking towards the meet up location. We will meet you outside with your child. Covid restrictions do not allow parents to enter the building so we ask that you please wait outside and we will come meet you.
    ★ We will not be open on: Pre-scheduled early release days, PIR, school holidays, or other school closures.

    Sample schedule:
    3:15 (2:45 Friday) - Meet students and take roll in the hallway by the K-2 lost and found.
    Friday 12:55 - 2:45 - Students will be taken into the gym or outside for most of this time.
    3:25 - 3:45 - Have a healthy parent provided snack and go over school work.
    3:45 - 4:30 - Go outside or access gym space to run off some energy.
    4:30 - 5:00 - Begin daily rotation of arts and crafts, physical and mental activities.
    5:00 - 5:25 - (Fridays additional time spent here) Additional tutoring, reading time, etc...
    5:25 - Clean up
    5:30 - Final pick up - Call 595-6644 and meet outside.

    Checks Payable to: “Manhattan School District” MEMO: “kidsLINK Tigers After School”
    Mail payment to Manhattan Schools PO BOX 425 Manhattan, MT 59741
    Leave payment with Mrs. Howells at the Elementary Front Desk or with an After School Program AssistantOnline Payment using your School Infinite Campus Account
    Complete details and registration form can be found using this file: