• GEOGRAPHY : Students will label and color 36 political and physical maps of the world.
                       :Students will participate in vicarious trip around the world.
                       : Students are required to submit an atlas of their maps at the end of the semester.
                       : Colored pencils/markers are helpful
    WORLD HISTORY : Students will study ancient civilizations, various cultures and languages, and related topics of interest. Extra credit reports and projects are allowed if a student needs to raise their grade, 50 pts. is the max per semester. Reports must be 3 pgs., typed, dbl. spaced, and font size 12. Projects must be approved by the teacher, related to world history, and based on sound research.
    P.C. : Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are weight lifting
           : Tuesday and Thursday are cardiovascular training
           : points are awarded on participation, so missing class for any reason may adversely affect grades
           : this class is to promote wellness, fitness, and sportsmanship
           : students who cannot lift/run strenuously should NOT attempt this class
    If you have any questions, please contact me at mbritzmann@mhstigers.org