• As part of the Creative Arts Curriculum offered by Manhattan Public Schools, the Art Department currently offers the following opportunities for students;
    My pottery class continues to be one of the more popular art classes offered.  The students are instructed in hand building and wheel throwing, decoration and glazing techniques.  Pottery is a semester class and grades are determined on daily participation and a semester project requirement list ranging from bowls, plates, bottles, vases, dishes and lidded pieces. 
    Art I - Fundamentals
    My art fundamentals class centers around seeing and recording and learning to draw in three dimensions.  Various lessons in color and design, shading, thought recording and gridding are given to the students.  Grading is determined by daily participation and project assignments. 
    Art II - Drawing/Shading/Painting
    My art II class is a continuance of fundamentals with creativity and varied medium use injected into the project assignments.  Creative projects are assigned and the students are responsible for generating unique and individual projects through research and experimentation.  Grading is based on daily participation as well as assigned projects.   
    Advanced Art - 3D work/Independent Study
    My advanced and studio art classes are part instructor driven and part independent study driven.  Students are given periodic specific assignments with an outcome based grade on ability of participants to demonstrate scope and sequence of various skills and techniques related to creative arts.  Students are allowed to "focus" on any area(s) that most interest them and then together we choose a project sequence.   
    I encourage all students to enroll in at least one art class during their high school years.  It is my belief that each of us has a hidden creative side that just needs a little nurturing to grow.  I have found over the years of teaching art in the Manhattan schools that once a student enrolls in one of my classes, that they schedule as many art classes as they can fit into their schedule during their high school years.