• Manhattan Elementary and Junior High School Counseling Program


    Geared to helping students achieve academic and personal success

    Services provided to our students


            Second Step Curriculum           

    A best practices social-emotional curriculum that focuses on empathy, problem solving, and self control is taught to every class during the school year by the school counselor.  Research shows this program enhances helpful, kind behaviors and decreases harmful, hurtful behaviors in children.

            Tiger Buddy Mentors

    In partnership with Manhattan High School approximately 60 elementary students are provided high school mentors to meet with them weekly. 

            Junior High Peer Helpers

    Junior High students engage in service activities both at school and in the community.  They put on dances and determine activities for special days in school.

            Behavior plans and Academic Support

    These plans are set up to help struggling students with their academic and behavior success both at school and at home.

            Outside referrals
    Referrals are made to assist families looking to connect with outside agencies such as licensed therapists, doctors, or social welfare,  as well as community activities.

            Friendship, Social Skills and Focus Groups

    These groups complement the in-classroom Second Step Curriculum providing tools geared to specific student needs.  Group activities are provided to both small and whole classroom groups.

            A Safe Place

    Students are invited to spend some recesses in the Counseling Room either alone or with friends, playing games and constructing crafts.

            Parent Support

    ·        Second Step for Families teaches parents what is being presented to their children in school, along with specific ways to implement these helpful techniques at home.  We gather once or twice yearly for this six-week course.

    ·        The School Counselor is available to counsel parents with situations that relate to their children.

    ·        Books on topics related to child rearing are available for check out.

    ·        Help with specific financial needs for students may also be accessible through the counselor.

            Specific Issues Counseling

    Individual assistance is available for emotional and transitional issues such as death, grief, divorce, loss, self-confidence, social skills, teasing, and trauma.  Brief psychosocial assessments are also on hand.