Manhattan Elementary School

    Great news! The Montana Office of Public Instruction (OPI) has selected Manhattan Elementary School to receive a 2019 National Association of ESEA State Program Administrators (NAESPA) award for Closing the Achievement Gap Between Student Groups. The school has closed the achievement gap in English Language Arts (ELA) between the Special Education student group and the “All” student group by 43% over two years. With this award, Manhattan Public School will receive $15,000 from the OPI. As part of accepting the award, the district must send a team of at least three people to the NAESPA Conference in Atlanta, GA, February 4-7, 2020.

    Manhattan Elementary School is located in Manhattan, Montana and in the heart of the Gallatin Valley.The elementary school is a K - 4 school with an enrollment of approximately 250 students. We have three classes for most grades and also offer computer classes and physical education classes to all students in grades K - 4 and music classes to all students in grades 1- 4. All of our teachers are fully-certified and are currently considered "highly qualified".  In addition to the above mentioned classes, we also offer special education, Title I, remedial reading and gifted education courses for qualified students.
    Manhattan Elementary School
    PO Box 425
    Manhattan, MT 59741