• Enter Here To Learn, Go Forth To Serve


    Manhattan High School - Home of the Tigers

    The students of Manhattan High School (MHS) are residents of Gallatin County in southwest Montana. These students are primarily from the town of Manhattan and outlying communities of Amsterdam, Churchill, Logan, and Maudlow. The Manhattan Public Schools do not accept out of district enrollments.

    Manhattan has been an agricultural community from its beginnings. Families from the Netherlands moved in to grow barley for malters near the new little town of Manhattan – named by a group of New York City investors who operated the Manhattan Malting Company. They settled together in a tightly knit society that flourishes today. This extensive farm was located next to the city and was the “largest body of productive land between Dakota and Puget Sound.” Prohibition eventually ended a profitable twenty-three years in the malting business, but by 1898, Manhattan was becoming quite important to the Gallatin Valley with about 150 inhabitants and a school enrollment of 75. There was a general store, two hotels, on meat market, two blacksmith ships and one saloon. Today, Manhattan’s most productive industries are seed potatoes, dairy and wheat farms, commercial beef, registered cattle along with some unique cottage businesses such as food specialties, woodcarving, artisans, and antiques.

    Manhattan High School is a rural public school. Manhattan High School is accredited by the State of Montana and has been accredited by the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools since 1934. The original school was built in Manhattan in 1922 as a school and community center. That school was utilized through 1998 when the current high school was built. The original school was modeled after the main hall at Dartmouth College, including the motto “Enter Here To Learn. Go Forth To Serve,” which appeared over the entrance to both buildings. This continues as our motto to this day.

    The 2016-2017 final enrollment at Manhattan High School was 237.