Update of April 9th Events

    Dear Parents,

    Today, Monday morning, it was reported to administration that there was a written threat on a bathroom stall in the high school. After investigating the threat, we called law enforcement authorities. In this day and age, all of these types of threats need to be recognized as credible. Students were placed in a soft lockdown until law enforcement and administration could organize and take appropriate steps. Law enforcement completed a search of the building and found nothing. It is still an ongoing criminal investigation.

    Students involved will be be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and also taken to the school board for recommendation of expulsion. Furthermore, if there are any additional threats found or reported and there is subsequent school cancellation, those instructional minutes and days will have to be made up in June.

    Nobody can plan perfectly for this type of situation and evacuation, but from my perspective it was completed in a calm, professional, and appropriate manner. At all times student safety was our first priority. We recognize that our ability to communicate with all parents can always improve, but all things considered, the word was spread quite rapidly.

    Please assist our teachers and administrators in prioritizing school safety and report any behavior that is inappropriate and any threatening language or activity. We want to provide everyone the best educational opportunity possible and to do so, it starts with the safety of all staff and students.

    School will resume at our usual time on Tuesday.


    Scott Chauvet