• Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

    What are the costs?  $350 

    What are the requirements for the course?  The course is 60 hours; 42 hours of classroom, 6 hours of driving and 6 hours of observation, spread out over approximately a 5 week period.  Classroom instruction now being held online with daily homework assignments. Driving and observations are held from 4 - 6 pm and 6 – 8 pm and includes an occasional drive and observation on Saturdays.  See more details on the Overview Page.

    Students must maintain an 82% average and complete all assignments in order to pass. Accommodations are given for students that meet the requirements for assistance.  Absences will require make up work.  

    School sponsored activities are not exempt from this policy. Students should consider other school activity interests prior to committing to enrolling in drivers education. 

    Traffic Education is controlled by Montana State law and students must attend 25 days in order for them to pass the course 

    How are students chosen for the course? Students are selected by order of in district first, including in order of birthdate with preference given to current high school students. Manhattan Christian and other school district students are also considered.

    Can students miss class and pass? Students may miss up to 2 times and still pass.  Starting with a 3rd absence, students may complete the course but will not pass the course.  Students missing or late for a scheduled drive will be charged a $50 fee that must be paid before students are allowed to continue.  This is because the entire drive will need to be postponed as we are not allowed to drive with only one student in the car.

    What are the expectations for students that are chosen for the course?  

    • Students must demonstrate mature behavior or they will be removed from the class or car and subject to failing the course. 
    • Students will be removed from the class for any school violation such as alcohol or drug use. Manhattan School District will take this action even if no action is taken by law enforcement.
    • Students suspended from school are excluded from class while they serve the suspension, these count as absences, (again students may not miss more than 2 school days and still pass).
    • There is no cell phone use allowed in class or car.  Students caught using phones will be asked to leave, such absence will count as one of the 2 days allowed for absences.
    • No food is allowed in the classroom or car without approval of the instructor.
    • All students and parents are required to sign a contract before students are admitted to the course.
    • A general expectation is that students will gain 2 hours of driving experience between each scheduled drive.
    • Students are required to have an eye exam before they are allowed to drive. Manhattan School does not conduct vision checks, however, student sport physicals will meet the requirement if it is given within 12 months of students enrolling in drivers education.

    Additional information related to the driving portion of the class:

    • Driving may only occur with the driver education instructor and not parents until student pass the TELL exam, usually given about a week after the class begins.  If a student does not pass the TELL exam the first time, they will be given one more opportunity to complete it before they will be required to go to the Department of Motor Vehicle to retake the test. 
    • Appropriate footwear is required in order to drive.  Please no flip-flops. Inappropriate footwear will be handled as an absence as the student will not be allowed to drive.
    • Weather conditions are considered when determining when and where the students will drive.  (Rarely are drives cancelled. As instructors we believe it is important for students to learn how to drive in poor weather, within reason).

    If you have questions or concerns not addressed above, please contact either Mr. Bauer- jbauer@mhstigers.org.


     Application for Spring 2021 is now Closed.