• Dear Parents and Guardians:

    Manhattan Schools’ spring break is April 2 – 6.  As you probably know, life is going to change when we return from break on April 9.  Six classrooms and four specialists will be moving from their present locations to trailers.  The reason for the move is to give the contractors enough time to complete the remodel of the K – 8 building.  Every grade level will be affected by this move as traffic patterns, use of restroom facilities and schedules will change.  We are scheduled reoccupying all of the current K - 8 building on August 20.

    All third and fourth grade classrooms will be moving to the trailers.  In addition, Mrs. Becker’s second grade classroom, Mrs. Cantalupo (Title I), Ms. Johnson (Title I), Mrs. Hendrickson (Remedial Reading), Ms. Calkins, and Ms. Walker (Speech) will also be moving.  The staff has been preparing for this move for several months and teachers have been preparing their students.  As part of this preparation, we will be making some changes beginning on WEDNESDAY, MARCH 28.   On that date, the east doors will have pylons placed in front of them and no one will have access to those doors.  (They will remain a fire exit.)  All students in grades K – 4 will need to access the school either through their “recess doors” or via the front office doors.  The bells for K – 4 to enter the building will be ringing at 8:20 A.M.  This will allow them to enter the building before grades 6 – 8 enter at 8:25 A.M.  We will be practicing safe and efficient routes to special classes, restrooms, and the lunchroom throughout the week.  Our goal is to have some of our routines in place so that April 9 will not be total chaos! 

    As parents, we want you to be aware of our rehearsals!  Students will not occupy the trailers until April 9 but we do need to practice.  Also, please be aware that if your child’s classroom is in a trailer, you will need to send a note to the teacher if you want them excused for an appointment, etc.  We will not have intercom and/or school phones in the trailers.  There will be cell phones and two-way radios in case of emergencies.  Please be aware that the radios are all on the same frequency, therefore the call will go to all of the trailers!  We will be dismissing students in the trailers a bit early to ensure that they make the buses and can avoid the grades 5 – 8 dismissal.  Additionally, students in the trailers need to have a water bottle.  They will have access to restrooms (and porta-potties for emergencies) but drinking fountains may be a long ways away.  A water bottle will solve this problem.

    On Friday afternoon, March 30, the PTO will be showing a movie to classes that are moving to trailers.  The purpose of this movie is to give the teachers some time to coordinate the moving of their belongings.  Mergenthaler Transfer will be here on March 30 and April 1 to move the materials to the trailers. 

    In other news, the grade 6 – 8 band festival will be held in Three Forks on Tuesday, March 27.  Middle school bands from throughout the area will be in Three Forks working with guest conductors.  The day will conclude with a concert at 4:00 P.M.  This is always a great day for the students and the concert is always fun!  Please plan to attend if you can work it into your schedule.

    Kindergarten registration is April 18.  The registration runs from 8:30 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. and appointments can be made by calling the school (284-3250) after March 25.

    One schedule change, class pictures have been rescheduled from March 28 to April 25.

    We look forward to our new challenges and the great building that we will have in August!



    Scott Schumacher