Notice: Among all the other changes for the 18-19 school year, we will also be using a new online payment application for lunch accounts.  At this time, please do not add money to your MySchoolBucks student accounts.
    Please make lunch account payments by cash or check only, until we have our new online payment system up & running.
    Stay tuned...more information on the new online payment system will be coming soon!  

    Manhattan Public Schools announces xxxx , a web based payment system that will allow parents to make electronic payments to their lunch account.  We are only doing lunch accounts at this time.  MySchoolBucks will accept the assorted charge cards, debit cards and electronic bank transfers.  These funds will most likely not be available until the next day.   For those of you with students in Manhattan and Amsterdam, it is important to note that you must deposit funds for the Amsterdam students accounts at the Amsterdam school office.
    The basic steps are listed below. 
    1. Register yourself
    2. Create your household (all Manhattan students should be in system)
    3. Create your method of payment
    4. Manage your account
    5. There is a $2 charge per transaction. (not per child)
    6. A learning guide can be found at xxxxx

    Parents are reminded of an important policy dealing with overdrawn accounts.  When any student's account is over $25 in the negative that student will only be served an alternative meal until the account has a positive balance.  Please contact the school if you have any questions.